Building healthy, thriving communities begins with those who are informed, capable and motivated to inspire positive change.

Blue Hills Community Services (BHCS), a not-for-profit community development corporation, is a catalyst for neighborhood development, educational programs and community services. Founded in 1974, BHCS set out to battle social and economic challenges faced by residents of the Blue Hills neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. Using a block by block strategy to focus neighborhood revitalization, BHCS ensures neighborhood development is comprehensive and sustainable in creating healthy urban communities.
Building healthy, thriving communities begins with those who are informed, capable and motivated to inspire positive change. BHCS administers supportive services to improve academic achievement of students, leadership development, policy improvement, neighborhood involvement and resident empowerment.





Norman Rotert is called a man of wisdom and courage, a prophet and voice of conscience. He has spent a lifetime serving the people of God, regardless of race, creed, wealth or need. There is no doubt that the City of Kansas City is better today because of Norman Rotert’s tireless efforts to ensure the rights that are rooted in the heart of Catholic social teaching: to build homes for those who have none, to provide jobs, food, clothing and education for all and to strive for dignity for every human person.
To revitalize communities, improve neighborhoods and enhance quality of life through innovative solutions in housing, education, community engagement and advocacy.





Building Neighborhoods, Strengthening Communities.





Blue Hills Community Services will implement and coordinate innovative strategies and programs to effectively build neighborhoods and strengthen communities by:
    •    Constructing and preserving safe, healthy and affordable homes
    •    Increasing homeownership and improving rental opportunities in urban neighborhoods
    •    Integrating energy efficient standards
    •    Fostering community partnerships to promote reinvestment
    •    Empowering community leaders through organizing, planning and advocacy
    •    Improving access to quality education programs





Community – we recognize the importance of enhancing quality of life through neighborhood growth, empowerment and sustainability.

Integrity – we commit to principles of truth, honesty, responsibility, cooperation, reliability and professionalism in creating sustainable solutions.

Quality – we demonstrate our commitment to quality and improvement through purposeful effort, wise choices, careful direction and skillful execution.

Environment – we integrate energy efficiency standards and practices that create sustainable development and healthy urban communities.

Proficiency – we value innovative approaches and strive for efficient processes, transparency, accountability and long term continuity.


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