The process of building healthy, thriving communities begins with residents who are informed, and motivated to inspire positive change. BHCS believes education is the key to unlocking doors of opportunity.

Since 1976, BHCS has played a leading role in the effort to bring quality education to children, youth and adults living in low-income communities. As a trusted administrator of funds offered by the U.S. Department of Education, Kansas City Missouri School District, St. Louis Public Schools and private foundations, BHCS offers a broad range of initiatives to improve student and teacher performance at nonpublic schools located in urban and sparsely populated areas across the state.

By ensuring the delivery of essential instructional materials and equipment to schools, providing professional development opportunities for educators, delivering community-wide literacy programs, language instruction for limited English-speaking students, ensuring safe and drug-free school programs, and improving school facilities, BHCS helps thousands of Missouri’s citizens discover their potential to succeed and brings forth the rich rewards that education makes possible.