II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund

The Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund provides assistance for preparing, training, recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers. Activities may include:

  • Improving teachers’ knowledge in the core academic subjects and effective instructional teaching strategies,
  • Technology integration training,
  • Teaching students with different learning styles,
  • Using assessments to improve instruction and student outcomes,
  • Involving parents more effectively, and
  • Education leadership development.

Title II Travel Expense Report |   Title II Payment Request
Eligible Activities (pdf) | Tuition Payment Request (pdf) 
Criteria for Approval (pdf) | Tuition Evaluation (pdf)
Procedures for Submission (pdf)
Professional Development Definition (pdf)
Professional Development Plan (pdf)
Conference / Course Evaluation (pdf)
NCLB Nonpublic Complaint Procedures (pdf)

For more information or to determine if your school is eligible, please contact Sherry Ellison at 816.333.7870 extension 204 or email sellison@bhcsmo.org.