Contractors Notice of Solicitations &
Instructions and Specifications for Bidders


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  • This is a notice of solicitation for all accepted bidders on upcoming construction in the Blue Hills Community Services target area, to include:
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program

  • Minor Home Repair, Lead Stabilization/Abatement and Weatherization

  • Professional Architectural, Engineering and Environmental services

All proposals are to be returned to Blue Hills Community Services (BHCS) by the closing date, with all required documentation. The following scopes are a cursory sampling of the work on-site and should be followed by a visit to the proposed residence or lot, in order to ascertain all pertinent information. All bids should list a detailed description of work to be done( preferably in CSI Format 95/2004 or similar); including all costs for permits, materials, labor and any further foreseeable items that are necessary and prudent for job completion.

Any alterations in scope suggested by the contractor shall be in written form and may be sent by electronic means as long as it includes the official contractor name and signature along with all specified changes to BHCS, and final detailed price. BHCS has the sole right to declare changes as valid and will do so, in writing, to the respective contractor(s) as necessary.

Closing Dates:

All bids will be due by 5pm, 10 business days from posting. Bids sent after this date will be considered void unless prior arrangement has been made.

Contact Person:

Contact for these solicitations will be made with Cliff Pouppirt, Director of Planning and Development; or

Bryant Williams, Home Repair Manager
Bryant Williams
816-333-7870 ext.205

Contractor Login

Contractors Request for Qualifications

General Terms

Blue Hills Community Services (BHCS) is a not-for-profit community development corporation that is looking for qualified Section 3 contractors to work with on its, On the House, home repair and weatherization program. This program is funded mostly from Federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), contracted through Kansas City, Missouri. Contractors are required to submit the following in order to be considered in all open solicitations:

  • Kansas City, Missouri business license

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance- with limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate. Policy must be written or endorsed to include the following provisions:

    • Severability of interests covered, applying to additional insured (sub-contractors)
    • Contractual Liability
   o No contractual liability limitation endorsements
  • Worker’s Compensation as required by state of Missouri.
  • Commercial Auto Liability Insurance: with limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence covering owned, hired and non-owned vehicles.
  • When disturbing painted surfaces, adherence to Lead-Safe Work Practices Certification standard or Lead Abatement Contractor Certification from a HUD approved training facility.

  • Minimum three references that include name, company and contact information ( at least two must be non-individual. i.e.; business, contractor, development company)
  • Provide two addresses where previous construction work can be viewed. Work must be exterior if possible

  • Section 3 certification if applying as a certified section 3 business concern. (Call BHCS if more info is needed)

Qualified contractors may bid on projects. No contract will be awarded until all documentation has been received by Blue Hills, Home Repair Manager; and placed on file. Lowest and Best bids will be awarded contracts. All contractors will be paid within 30 days of completion and invoicing. Contractors must provide high quality work and be familiar and competent in pulling requisite permits and the 2006 International Residential Building Code and all other Codes as adopted by the City at time of contract signing.

*Contractors must have all documentation on file with the BHCS Home Repair Manager prior to having bids awarded

Contact for these solicitations will be made with Cliff Pouppirt, Director of Planning and Development; or Bryant Williams, Home Repair Manager

Cliff Pouppirt – email
816-333-7870 ext.206

Bryant Williams- email
816-333-7870 ext.205

Section 3 Participation

Blue Hills Community Services (BHCS) is committed to the inclusion of all prospective and certified Section 3 business concerns, during the execution of all home repair, development and other activities that are a result of all federally procured funds. Furthermore, in conjunction with the city of Kansas City, Mo and its Section 3 Compliance office, BHCS will use the full power of its community development network in order to maximize worker and contractor participation, by use of local and regional media outlets, community based alliances, and other corporate and non-profit websites.

As much as possible, BHCS will seek to use Section 3 concerns in its construction and development contract. When there are deficiencies in prospective Section 3 concerns ability to effectively carry out contractual obligations, BHCS will refer the concern to the city Section 3 office for remediation and training and will continue to support future efforts by the contractor or employee in continuing in its course of professional development. Some specific points requiring action by BHCS in its ongoing compliance with the Section 3 portion of its contract are:

  • The employment goal of at least 30% of all new hires, generated in part by these developments will be extended to residents that are Section 3 qualified and/or,

  • Utilization of Section 3 Business Concerns for at least 10% of the total dollar amount awarded to the contractor/developer; and /or
3% of the contract award amount shall go to all non-construction fields (Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, Law; etc) for the development of the project.

Please refer to HUD regulations (24 C.F.R., section 135) for further clarification on the goals of this program. Use the below link for connection to the city Section 3 office for further guidance

Click here for a sample outline of the city’s Certification for Business Concerns Seeking Section 3 Preference in Contracting and Demonstration of Capability.