Blue Hills Community Services is committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship. Through programs, policy and operational practices, Blue Hills Community Services is dedicated to continuous improvement in:

  • Incorporation of environmentally responsible initiatives
  • Demonstration of practices that promote innovation in sustainability, including energy savings measures, increasing the use of renewable resources, and decreasing production of waste materials
  • Providing educational programs and encouraging environmental awareness for staff, guests, partners and the community in positive environmental practices
  • Establishment of sustainability indicators to enable monitoring, reporting and improvement measures
  • Promotion of health, productivity and safety practices through education, maintenance, energy and resource conservation

The commitment of Blue Hills Community Services to environmental sustainability and stewardship is demonstrated in the programs and projects in which we embark. This commitment impacts every program and service offered by Blue Hills Community Services.

  • Retaining 227 low-income and senior home owners through EnergyStar® upgrades and home weatherization programs
  • Providing 33,000 square feet of green space for 50 community garden beds and 25 fruit trees that are harvested by volunteer residents and local food banks
  • Converting  107 units of existing multi-family housing into EnergyStar® Certified and Enterprise Green Communities designated housing
  • Redeveloping a Brownfields site and a deteriorated building into a state-of-the-art verified LEED Gold facility
  • Spearheading the revitalizing an underused and blighted neighborhood park by renovating the shelter, building a new walking trail, basketball courts, bathrooms and water fountains and implementing a new lighting pattern that increases the safety for all users.